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Medical Anthropologist and psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo has been researching the healing practices of shamans in the Americas for over twenty years. He is one of the foremost teachers of energy medicine and shamanism and author of ten books on healing including Island of the Sun, The Four Winds (this link will take you off of this site), and the best-selling Shaman, Healer, Sage. He directs the Healing the Light Body School training practitioners in Energy Medicine.

"The human drama at the dawn of the twenty-first century is not the drama of the last century. The new myths, the stories that will teach our children and endow them with the will to live epic lives, must be forged - lived and told - by us. Nature is a conjugation of the verb to grow, and the complacent and apathetic will always be the victims of change. Those who choose their destiny consciously will be the heroes, the pioneers, the midwives, and the mothers of the future."

The Inka Prophecy of the End of Time - Synopsis

by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Many of the indigenous cultures such as the Mayan, Hopi, Kogi, and the Inca (Inka) are rooted in a common prophecy which points to our current time on Earth as the end time of a great cycle to be followed by the beginning time for something entirely new or novel, a new cycle. These people have been talking about this time for many millennia.

Q. What does the Inka Prophecy reveal?

A. It announces a time of upheaval and turmoil in the world, starting in the year 2000 and ending on 2012. This coincides with the time frame of the prophecies of the Maya and the Hopi.

Q. When was the Prophecy read?

A. We accompanied the Inka elders with a camera crew to the Holy Mountain, Mt. Ausangate, in 1995. I brought a map and globe of the world. This was the first time they had ever seen a globe. At my request they read the Prophecy for various geographical regions, including the United States and the Middle East.

Q. What did they say about the US?

A. It really startled me, because they said that the United States was at war. They said that we had no enemy in the ordinary sense, but that the enemy was already within American cities. They were clear that the enemy were terrorists that would attempt to wreck havoc on America, and that this would go on for several years, but eventually they would be defeated.

America's courage would be tested. They claimed that buildings and public places would be targeted, and in the documentary we showed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City to illustrate this point. They cautioned us to be alert, and not give in to fear. In the Middle East they foresaw 'a great peacemaker getting killed.' Within two months Izak Rabim was assassinated..

Q. What can we do to prepare ourselves?

A. It As I understood the elders, this war would involve the entire world, a World War III. It would be fought in two camps. The first was the battlefield, the drinking water supplies, and the cities of the Western world. The second would be internal - and would be won by the practices of forgiveness and compassion. The latter is the one each of us must engage through our healing and personal transformation.


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