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Choosing A Reiki Master


The choice of a Reiki Master is very important. This is the person who will crack open the door to a new world of awakening experiences. Interviews with the many people in this area who teach Reiki will be well worth the time.

Good things to know include:

* What type of Reiki is taught (Traditional Usui, Tibetan, Karuna, etc.).

* How long has the person been doing Reiki and what is their lineage?

* What is covered in class and how many hours are involved?

* How many attunements are given and how much time is allowed between them?

* Will you receive a certificate and a study manual and how complete is it? Is the study manual updated and revised with new, well-researched material?

* How accessible is the Master? Does s/he return calls promptly? Does s/he take time to talk to you when you call?

* How will you be supported in your learning experience after class is completed? Are you provided opportunities to share Reiki with others in groups or by doing exchanges with the Master?

* What kind of vibes do you get from the Master? How does the Master live life (based on faith or fear, centered around self or service to others)? Is s/he respectful of Masters of other affiliations?

Listen to your own inner guidance, follow your heart and you will make the correct choice. Remember, being a Master means having mastery over oneself.

Vickie Penninger, Reiki Master