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Energetic Cord Cutting

Learn how to protect yourself from the emotional energy of others.

Vickie has been teaching since 1997!

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Energetic Cord Cutting


We all have tentacles of energy which come from many areas of our bodies.  Most, however, tend to come from our solar plexus and navel centers.

These tentacles of energy connect to the tentacles of energy that come from others and there can be an energetic tug of war or one person can drain the other energetically.

When we cut these cords each person’s energy returns to them and there is no longer an intertwining and enmeshing of damaging  energy. Only the damaging connections are cut and it does not mean you will have nothing to do with this person again or that you don’t love them. In fact, cutting damaging connections can improve your relationships by altering the energy in a positive way.

In this class, you will learn a technique channeled by Vickie, which will enable you to cut these energetic cords safely, effectively, and completely.

Pre-requisite: completion of First and Second Degree Reiki