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Sacred Wells


In June, 2001 I visited Southern England and had the privilege of visiting many sacred sites, including wells. The tour group I was with had a wonderful tour guide, Bibs Cameron-Sinclair, who reached down to fill her water bottle at Cerne Abbas Well. She drank from it and I was thinking “Oh, my God, she’s going to die” (England was experiencing a terrible outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease at the time). I asked her about the safety of drinking the water and she assured me that this was holy water and not only was it safe to drink but it was healing.

There was an instant realization that I was supposed to bring that water back to use in my work. I knew then and there on the spot that I was to use the HOLY WATER to give Reiki Attunements and in my private sessions. I WAS SENT ON THIS TRIP TO BRING BACK THIS WATER TO SHARE WITH THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO CONNECT WITH ME.

I collected water from Cerne Abbas, San Creed, Madron, and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. I have incorporated these waters into my work and the results have been profound. The vibrational increase has been extraordinary. It has been such a wonderful privilege to share this with others.

What makes the water from these wells so special? These are the sites where ancient rituals from prehistoric times were held. These are sites where early Christians held their sacred ceremonies. These are wells which are symbolic of the free flow of abundance as they have been flowing since ancient times. These are the sites of energy flowing from deep within Mother Earth to her surface to nourish the ones who come to seek this life energy.

Recently I have collected sacred waters from several other places. Read more about the waters used in attunements.