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Swimming with Dolphins


In April 1997, I visited Mexico and had three different opportunities to swim with dolphins. It was a life altering experience to be exposed to the intense vibrational pattern of a different species of life so up close and one-on-one.

Dolphins have the ability to transmit knowledge through sound, vibration and telepathy. The knowledge they transmit reflects their joy, their pleasure, and the lightness of their very being. They glide through their water world and exhilarate in the sensation of being alive.

The oceans are so very powerful–full of life and movement. Dolphins are the manifestation of this power, this energy, this surge of life. I will never forget the dolphin who surfaced within two feet of me. She captured my eyes. I was riveted to her. She held me entranced in her awesome power. She stood on her tail and chattered to me. She pierced my very soul and expressed telepathically to me that life is joyful and fun and free and fluid as the ocean.

Part of the experience involved being whisked through the ocean while holding onto two dolphins. I felt like a water goddess being lifted into the realm of the celestials.

Just to be close to the dolphins, experiencing their unique, intense, exhilarating energy is such a wonderful feeling. It was a blissful demonstration of the connectedness between we humans and another species of life. I will never forget it.