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Reiki is a healing method using the universal life force, which is present in all living things, to effect change physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Reiki can energize, revitalize, balance, and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. It is very powerful and effective, yet subtle and noninvasive.

Vickie has been teaching Reiki since 1997!

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Reiki First Degree

You will receive:

  • FOUR first degree Reiki *attunements*
  • History & Origins of Reiki
  • The Reiki precepts
  • Grounding, Centering, Protection
  • Hand positions on the self and others
  • Introduction to the chakra system and the endocrine system
  • Ethical Principles of Practice
  • Practice time, study manual, certificate of completion awarded

No pre-requisites for First Degree Reiki.

Reiki Second Degree

Second Degree offers increased healing power, the ability to send distant Reiki, and the capacity to work with emotional issues.

You will receive:

  • TWO Second Degree *attunements*
  • Review of Reiki First Degree Practices and Principles
  • Instruction in use and purpose of three symbols~~
  • How to send Reiki into the Past and into the Future
  • How to to compose and place affirmations to promote healthy thinking
  • A Study Manual, Practice Time, Certificate of Completion Awarded

Pre-requisite for Second Degree Reiki is completion of First Degree Reiki. 



Reiki Master

You will receive:

  • Review of First and Second Degree curriculum
  • Learn the Master symbol and how to give a Master level treatment both in person and over distance
  • A technique to increase energy
  • Two Master level *attunements*
  • Ample practice time using the Master symbol
  • A detailed study manual
  • Certification of Completion award

This class is a pre-requisite for the Master/Teacher Degree but can be taken independently as a separate class. Pre-requisite for Master Degree is completion of First and Second Degree Reiki. 


Reiki Master / Teacher

You will receive:

  • Review of First, Second and Master Degree curriculum
  • The Sacred Secret of Reiki
  • Master Training Exercise for Men
  • Master training Exercise for Women
  • How to give attunements to First, Second, and Third Degree students
  • Practice in giving attunements
  • Techniques of teaching at a Master/Teacher level
  • Three Master level *attunements*
  • Ample practice time using the Master symbol
  • Setting up a Reiki business, etc.
  • A detailed study manual
  • A Certification of Completion awarded

Pre-requisite for Master/Teacher Degree is completion of First and Second Degree Reiki and Master Reiki. 

 This class involves auditing and assisting with First and Second Degree classes among other requirements 

Children’s Reiki

 AGES 6-13

This is a great opportunity if your child is interested in learning Reiki!  The class will be tailored for limited attention span and will be interactive.

Your child will learn what Reiki is, about the chakras, self Reiki, how to do Reiki on others, the importance of privacy and confidentiality, appropriate protocol and the concept of being a facilitator of healing rather than a “healer.”

Attunements will be well spaced and each child will receive at least two, with the option of an additional two based on individual readiness.

It is advised that a parent attend with younger children.

If there are 2 children from the same family who would like to attend, the second child’s tuition is reduced by $60 regardless of age.

Classes will be limited in number of attendees so that individual attention can be paid to each student.  Those who are 14 years old and older are welcome to take an adult level class unless you feel they may be more comfortable in the Children’s Reiki Class.

Students who have previously attended this class are welcome to audit this class at no charge. Just let me know and be sure to bring your manual.