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What people are saying

Vickie is a truly gifted and special soul who walks the walk in her spirituality. You can feel the energy of the angels surrounding her. I am so grateful for her gifts of facilitating healing and teaching. Every class that I have taken with Vickie has blown me away. I learned, I experienced, and I know that the divine presence works through her. With immense gratitude,

Susan Melchione

Thank you for the tremendous help you give me and for the abundant light you pour forth on our planet. Much love, Temple.

M. Temple Richmond, author of SIRIUS and founder of the School of Esoteric Astrology

While attending the Health & Healing Expo, I asked to get in touch with the guardian angel who is with me the most to guide me. A vision appeared of two female figures. One was wearing a long white dress and had a beautiful, sweet smile. I was told to “Be the best you can be.” I felt that I must follow my heart and make a change in my career as a Registered Nurse. I was also told that I would meet someone at the Expo and it would become very clear what path I was to take. I had been very drawn to Vickie and to Reiki at the Expo. The following weekend I received four First Degree Reiki attunements from Vickie. On the second day of my Reiki class, I realized that the sweet, smiling face in my vision was Vickie! Vickie states that she is not an angel, but she will always be a Guardian Angel to me! My life has been filled with a brightness, warmth, and love that I had never experienced before Reiki! I thank God everyday for bringing Vickie and Reiki into my life!” 


Thank you again! I am so blessed to have met you and get to work and learn with you! Thanks for all of your love and support! Lots of Love!

L. Delgado

Thank you for the wonderful memorable weekend and for being my Reiki teacher. The experience was profound. I am still on Cloud Nine!

L. Scott

As a volunteer medical professional, a herbalist, and a strong proponent of holistic healing, Vickie’s Reiki classes have served to enhance my experience, to the benefit of those I help. As a practicing Master, I carry her light in my heart and share it with those I serve. Brightest blessings.

P. Hirtle

During my session, this sentence popped into my head as I was looking at you: ‘Vickie is here working with the angels to bring more love’. I guess you know that already, but just wanted to let you know that now I know it too!

S. Miller

Vickie is an incredible teacher and mentor. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She is truly an inspiration on how to embody unconditional Love. I thank God for Vickie.

K. Jensen

I feel like every cell in my body has been vacuum cleaned!

J. Duncan after a healing session

You have such a loving, nurturing touch. I feel like I have been cradled in an angel’s arms.” 

G. Adams after a healing session

In the past couple of weeks I’ve had feelings of overwhelming gratitude for your presence in my life. It has been such a pleasure and re-assurance to be around the circle you have helped create and I’m grateful and honored by the gift of bringing people together to share my music. Thank you for all your efforts. The effects of the stone of love you have cast into the waters around you is already great and perpetually growing. With Love, Gratitude, Kinship, and Respect, Glenn

G. Sheffield

The Reiki First Degree class opened a new world to me. I feel so much more centered and issues in my life are so clear. I feel as though I’ve stepped through a portal into a different realm. I sense that there are many portals ahead of me and that I’ve barely scratched the surface!

H. Schweizer