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Quantum Clearing

Quantum Clearing utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to permanently address clients’ physical, psychological, spiritual, and/or lifestyle issues.  Quantum Clearing facilitates clearing, reintegration, renewal, and restoration to full, healthy functioning. Quantum Clearing provides a unique multi-modal approach to personal transformation, incorporating holistic disciplines learned through many years of study and experience. 

Vickie has been teaching since 1997!

Quantum Clearing


Quantum Clearing is a powerful method of transcending space and time in order to transform negative bio-energetic patterning.  The frequencies at which Quantum Clearing takes place extend to the same level at which the Higher Self exists and operates.

Quantum Clearing shifts the multi-dimensional energy structure of the client
back to perfect balance of mind, body, and Spirit, utilizing multiple-frequency outputs,
which elicit positive energy shifts on all levels.

Areas of Interest

in treatment include but are not limited to: trauma release, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, resetting the endocrine system, weight loss, allergies, self esteem issues, fears/phobias, spine/disc/nerve repair, lymphatic clearing, grief and loss issues, knee repair, arthritis, headaches, addictions, emotional issues, pain and stress reduction.  While not intended as a replacement for any medications or other traditional forms of medical treatment/therapy, Quantum Clearing provides adjunctive holistic treatment that is highly effective.

Areas of Interest

addressed by Quantum clearing:  Dysfunction of the Hara or the Chakras.  Your Hara is an energy line that comes from the God Source, enters the top of your head, travels down through your body, deep into the center of the Earth, and then back up again.  It runs both ways at once, up and down.  It should “look” like an intact, strong tube, but may be full of holes, torn, clogged, or missing sections.  Quantum Clearing techniques are used to correct these dysfunctions.  The Chakras are energy centers meant to bring energy into the body and interact with the Hara.  During trauma and life stresses, the chakras may be damaged, torn, or disconnected between the front and back.  Quantum Clearing can address these as well to facilitate the proper exchange of energy to the Hara.


Discover the Quantum difference!

“I highly recommend having Quantum Clearing work done. It heals things on so many levels. Patterns in your life can be reversed and relationships can be healed. QC changes relationships, QC changes attitudes… QC changes lives.”

– Tracy from Texas